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    The Tom Oliver Group is an operating company overseeing and supporting Tom Oliver's portfolio of philanthropic and commercial enterprises.

About Us

The Tom Oliver Group of Companies

Founded and Chaired by Tom Oliver, the Tom Oliver Group uses its portfolio of ventures, both commercial and philanthropic, to accelerate the world's positive transition to peaceful, prosperous and sustainable living.

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Consulting Group

Consulting for Fortune 500 CEOs and the best global brands

Praised as a “coach to many of the world’s top CEOs”, Tom and his team have worked with the world´s most famous business leaders and the best global brands from Johnson & Johnson to Coca Cola and Google.

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“Highest ratings among all speakers!” - PepsiCo

Whether in front of a select audience of Heads of State and CEOs or in front of thousands, Tom interacts with audiences in a way few other speakers can.

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“Most influential peace gathering in history!”

Tom Oliver founded the award-winning World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival that have been supported by a wide range of Nobel Laureates, Heads of State, the UN and top corporates from Virgin to Google.

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Academia & Books

Spreading ideas to show that truly Nothing is Impossible

Tom is an MBA Professor at some of the best schools around the globe and the author of the International Best-Seller "Nothing is Impossible".

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Entertainment Group

“Legendary singer & songwriter, producer and live performer”

In front of the crowds in Ibiza or during his keynotes for global leaders, Tom's music ensures his message is heard at a deeper, emotional level.

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