The Tom Oliver Group

Founded and Chaired by Tom Oliver, the Tom Oliver Group uses its diverse portfolio of ventures and activities, both for-profit and philanthropic, to accelerate the world's positive transition to peaceful, prosperous and sustainable living.

The following tenets are at the base of all the activities of the group:

  1. We believe the brightest and most creative problem solvers seek the most challenging and most interesting problems.
  2. We believe that the ends do not justify the means. We aspire to be practical idealists where every action lives up to the highest ethical standards.
  3. While profits are important, profits are not our primary goal. We are driven by our purpose and our net positive impact on society, on humanity and on this planet. We generate profits for the greater good of humanity, the planet and the people living on it.
  4. Focus on the greater good, and all else will follow.
  5. The need for help, wisdom and encouragement crosses all borders.
  6. You can make money without compromising your values.
  7. You can be serious without a suit.
  8. Life's a cooperative venture. Cooperation produces the best results. All the steps taken toward the ideal must of themselves be life-promoting.
  9. Great just isn’t good enough.
  10. Behind every change lies a new opportunity.