Tom Oliver

Founder of the renowned and multi- award winning World Peace Foundation and President of the Global Tom Oliver Group, Tom has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, financial leaders like the World Bank Group, the Rockefeller family and the family of Warren Buffett, the best global brands from Johnson & Johnson to Coca-Cola and Google, and the world's most famous business leaders from the president of eBay to Richard Branson.

Fabulously placed to inspire those around him to learning whole new levels of solutions” (Google HQ Silicon Valley), the World Bank seeks his business advice, the European Parliament, the United Nations, Austria and China invite him to speak to world leaders, and Google invites Tom to coach leadership.

Tom has been awarded lifelong seats in some of the most influential think tanks of our time, together with a wide range of bestselling authors, Nobel Laureates and Heads of State, including The World Business Academy in the US. He has been praised as “a coach to many of the world´s most notable philanthropists, entertainers and CEOs” (McGraw Hill Professional).

Called “an extraordinary leader” by Deepak Chopra, Tom is the author of the global McGraw Hill publication “Nothing Is Impossible” that has been endorsed by business leaders from SAP to Ebay and Google, and self-made billionaires from Africa to the US. Tom is also the co-author of the “Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental Governance and Politics”.

Termed “one of the world's best experts on leadership” (Wharton School of Business), Tom is also a Visiting Professor of Innovation, of Change Management and Digitization and of Human Resource Management. Tom is a world-renowned authority on disruptive innovation and holistic thought leader at some of the best business schools in the world. Tom founded the Global Leadership Circle at Manchester Business School while contributing to its being ranked as one of the top international business programs.

Tom has been called an award-winning “role model for the modern global social entrepreneur” (Peggy Dulany Rockefeller). Tom founded the renowned World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival (WPF), which have been supported by business leaders like Richard Branson, heads of state and numerous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu has called the WPF “the most influential peace gathering in history”.

Tom is dedicated to the concept that business is a catalyst for global social change. Following a personal invitation by the Rockefeller family, Tom became a member of the Global Philanthropists Circle, which has been termed “The most elite club in the world” by Bloomberg/BusinessWeek and includes the leading philanthropists of our time.