About The Tom Oliver Group

"Invaluable Insights!"
The World Bank Group

"Tom Oliver is fabulously placed to inspire whole new levels of solutions!"
Google​ HQ,​ Silicon​ Valley,​ California

"Tom presents the insights and tools to show you that nothing is impossible when it comes to realizing your own unique personal vision."
The World Bank Group

Founded and chaired by global thought leader and Innovation guru Tom Oliver, the Tom Oliver Group has shaped the future of some of the best global brands and organizations ensuring they are well positioned for continued success in their role as market leaders.

The Tom Oliver Group, through its consulting and training arms, provides highly tailored solutions in the areas of Innovation, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Change Management, Human Resources, and others. The group's clients are just as varied as its solutions, ranging from some of the world’s top creative agencies such as Interbrand and Saatchi & Saatchi, major consumer brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola, global institutions such as the World Bank Group, the United Nations and governments, to technology behemoths such as Google HQ and SAP, or working directly with world famous Fortune 500 CEOs such as the CEO of eBay and Sir Richard Branson.

Through its singular vision and holistic approach to business, the Tom Oliver Group is proud to bring forth its expertise in Innovation to assist Asia United Bank in achieving and retaining a unique competitive edge.

Trusted Global Experience & Expertise

Tom Oliver and his team always combine global expertise and inside knowledge of tomorrow's cutting edge solutions with an intimate knowledge of local markets. This is why the Tom Oliver Group has been so successful in assisting many of the world's top brands by tailoring solutions uniquely to their needs and objectives.

The Tom Oliver Group has a proven track record in assisting organizations achieve and surpass their innovation goals. Our Group's CEO regularly appears on global media from Bloomberg to CNN as a world-renowned expert on innovation and has repeatedly been praised as a “coach to many of the world's most famous CEOs” (Fortune Magazine).

A Professor of Innovation, Change Management, Digital Transformation, Strategic HR Management and the architect of the Global Leadership Circle at the Manchester Business School, and with an award-winning global expertise spanning areas as diverse as business, philanthropy, and even the creative arts, Tom has been awarded lifelong seats at some of the world’s most influential Think Tanks of our time together with Heads of State and Nobel Laureates.

In the Philippines, Tom and his Group have also quickly attracted the attention of some of its best brands and top entrepreneurs - including, to name a few, Rebisco, the SM Group and Jollibee Foods Corporation.

Sir Tony Tan (founder of Jollibee) and his team at Jollibee Foods Corporation asked Tom and his team to come in and help them shape the future of the Jollibee Foods Corporation strategy. To this end, Sir Tony and Sir Ato, the JFC global CEO, invited all companies and brands under the JFC umbrella and their leadership and CEOs to come together under one roof to be mentored and coached by Tom - for the first time in the history of the Jollibee Foods Corporation.

When Johnson & Johnson set the ambitious goal to become the No 1 supply chain in Latin America they saw that they urgently needed to revolutionize their innovation processes across all countries to reach that goal. They called on Tom as the only expert to help them achieve this challenging objective. Tom Oliver worked directly with the country directors of all LATAM countries to accomplish this audacious goal and resolve all obstacles, completely rejuvenated their innovation structures and produced breakthrough results fast.

When Coca-Cola CCI (one of the largest bottlers in the world with operations in over 10 countries) faced tremendous challenges in many of their territories because of terrorist attacks and political and economic instability, the Coca-Cola CCI CEO called on Tom and his team to rewire their innovation from the ground up - including rewriting the company's mission statement for their leadership and over 10,000 employees.

Tom and his team have worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, financial leaders like the World Bank Group, the Rockefeller family and the family of Warren Buffett, and the best global brands to deliver solutions that are uniquely tailored to their objectives to produce “whole new levels of solutions” (Google HQ, Silicon Valley).