CEO Mindshare Dubai calls on Tom to share secrets of Innovation & Change Management

Tom was invited by the CEO of Mindshare (MENA) Samir Ayoub to give a keynote to an audience of Mindshare´ s star performers and the Managing Directors of Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Tom Oliver illustrated how global brand titans like Google and Apple apply his principles to become masters of original thinking, creativity, and innovation.

The Mindshare team leaders, Managing Directors and CEO learned how to produce innovation at the highest level, how to radically improve collaboration and enable their teams to work together at maximum productivity.

Mindshare is a global media and marketing services company. The Mindshare global network consists of approximately 6,000 employees across 115 offices in 82 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Takeaways and Benefits:

Tom shared his best practices, tools and insights to show how this process can be applied by any organisation to produce creativity and innovation at the highest level. Tom shared the following benefits and takeaways with the audience:

  • – Innovation: How do global brand titans like Google and Apple apply the secrets of innovation to become masters of creativity? How can any team or organisation apply these secrets to produce innovation at the highest level?

  • – Change Management & HR: Now more than ever, the best people are not attracted by the best pay alone: They want to work with the best corporate citizens. Tom shows how to create a corporate climate that attracts the top talent and the best people through good corporate citizenship.

  • – Marketing: How to win the consumers below 30: Market your products efficiently to the Generation Y and the Millennials to turn consumers below 30 into loyal fans

  • – Entrepreneurship & The Power of One Team: Unite your teams around one shared goal by creating, communicating and conveying a compelling corporate vision

  • – Leadership – Empower to Perform: Master the principles of visionary personal and corporate leadership to empower your teams to perform

  • – Visionary Corporate Leadership: How do you create, communicate and convey a compelling corporate vision? How do you use this vision to unite your teams effectively around one shared goal and boost their productivity and your organisation´s bottom line?

  • – Boost Your Productivity: Boost your organisation´s productivity by optimizing the collaboration within your teams

  • Live Music Concert as Part of Keynote

    This interactive panel incorporated a live music performance to illustrate the true nature of creativity.

    As so many of Tom´s clients request, the CEO of Mindshare (Mena) asked Tom to draw on his global experience as a music producer, singer, songwriter and pianist and use a live and interactive music presentation as part of his keynote.

    Tom was playing piano and singing and even integrated the audience into his performance to illustrate the true nature of “jamming” – of making music in a band, and its benefits for optimizing collaboration within teams and for cracking the code of innovation.