Tom’s new publication in stores: Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Governance and Politics

This comprehensive reference volume for the next decade, written by some of the most eminent academics in the field, surveys the broad range of environmental and sustainability challenges in the next decade and provides practical solutions:

"…an impressive array of contributions written by leading scholars in their fields." – Robert Falkner, London School of Economics and Political Science

About Tom’s Contribution

Tom combines his expertise as an award-winning “role-model for the modern global social entrepreneur” (Peggy Dulany Rockefeller, Founder and Chair of the Global Philanthropists’ Circle) and “one of the world’s experts on leadership” (Wharton School of Business) with his role as a Professor of Innovation and Change Management and as the Founder of the Global Leadership Circle at the Manchester Business School.

Tom’s contribution focuses on the main drivers of change over the next decade that will influence social entrepreneurship and visionary corporate leadership, and on the solutions that are key for businesses to come out on top and win in the Digital Transformation. Keynote Topics:

  • – Turn your business into a powerhouse of innovation: master the secrets behind creativity
  • – Win the Millennial Generation for your products and services
  • – Attract the Best, Keep the Best – Boost your Bottom line
  • – Achieve new heights of productivity: collaborative engagement
  • – Become a global brand: understand the hearts and minds of your customers
  • – Optimize communication in your teams: cross-cultural management
  • – Leadership: Master the principles of visionary personal and corporate leadership to empower your teams to perform