Tom´s article in Asia’s leading magazine on creativity and innovation

In Tom´s article in Asia’s leading magazine on creativity and innovation, “Adobo”, Tom shares the principles, the mindset and the mental models that are key for businesses to come out on top and win in the Digital Transformation:

  • -Innovation: The Secrets behind creativity and innovation

  • -Change Management: Mastering the digital transformation

  • -Digital Consumers: Understanding the hearts and minds of the Millennials and the consumers below 30

  • -Digital Marketing: Focus on Digital Marketing as the core driver in creating a seamless, more connected and emotional experience for the consumers
  • About Tom:

    A Professor of Innovation, Tom is an expert on the Millennials and the consumers below 30, a world-renowned authority on disruptive innovation and holistic thought leader at some of the best business schools in the world.

    Tom has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies throughout the world, business leaders like Richard Branson and the best global brands from Johnson & Johnson to Pepsi and Google. Tom has been praised as “a coach to many of the world´s most notable philanthropists, entertainers and CEOs” (McGraw Hill Professional).

    High in demand as a global keynote speaker and consultant and “fabulously placed to inspire those around him to learning whole new levels of solutions” (Google), the World Bank seeks his business advice, the European Parliament, the United Nations, Austria and China invite him to speak to world leaders, and Google invites Tom to coach leadership.